Bitcoin Saigon Five Year Anniversary - The Afternoon Sessions - Video out now!

tomo tomo Follow Dec 30, 2019 · 1 min read
Bitcoin Saigon Five Year Anniversary - The Afternoon Sessions - Video out now!
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Five Years Bitcoin Saigon - two days packed with deep discussion around the past, present, and future of Bitcoin on various topics such as privacy, scaling, data transparency, and resilience against fundamental attack vectors.

Thanks to the work of our videographer team coordinated by Johnny Phan we are happy to present you now with the full recordings of the afternoon sessions.

The afternoon sessions covered:

0:00 - 40:30 “Who Needs the Internet Anyway: Taking Bitcoin Transactions Offline*” by Neil Woodfine (Blockstream)

41:30 - 1:15:00 “Struck by Lightning” by Albert Buu (Neutronpay)

1:16:00 - 2:01:00 “Privacy in Bitcoin” by Leo Weese (

2:01:30 - 2:35:00 “Building on bitcoin: An Intro to Liquid” by Richard Bensberg (Blockstream)

2:36:00 - 3:27:00 “On-Chain Dispute Resolution & The Importance of Proof-of-Work” by Joshua Buirski (Decred)

3:29:00 - 4:16:00 “4 Legit Ways To Make Life Changing Profits™ In Cryptocurrency Investing” by Tai Zen (

If you would like to support the work of Bitcoin Saigon - a non-profit community run by volunteers with a passion for Bitcoin - to help us finance further equipment or other event-related costs, you can donate to us here:

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