Bitcoin Saigon partners up with Bitcoin2020 conference

tomo tomo Follow Jan 02, 2020 · 1 min read
Bitcoin Saigon partners up with Bitcoin2020 conference
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While the amount of “Blockchain” and “Crypto” events has been exploding over the years many pioneer Bitcoiners who attended the early Bitcoin conferences in London, Prague, San Jose, Amsterdam etc. felt quite “crowded out” in the modern times of another “Blockchain World Forum Ultimate Deluxe XXL” every other week with an overly abundance of fanciness and surface “professional looks”… - while severely lacking in substance during the endless “Blockchain for XYZ” and “Buy my ICO/IEO/IXO token now!” pitches by a boundless myriad of sleazy-looking, well-groomed suits on stage.

Luckily over the past 1-2 years many of the old school Bitcoiners took it into their own hands to revive the smaller, more community-oriented, bullshit-averse and *Bitcoin-centred” events - which might not take place in the first hotel in town, but therefore excel in bringing together some of the brightest minds in the space who make the actual mission-critical stuff happening.

One of the major standard bearers of this trend in North America has been Bitcoin Magazine, which with its reorientation towards “Bitcoin only” has been part of a trend to put Bitcoin and its surrounding community in its rightful place.

As such, they have been organizing the notable Bitcoin2019 event in San Francisco in the spring of this year with an exquisite line-up of knowledgeable speakers, makers & doers, coders & scientists, investors and community organizers and many other people who actually built the industry and move it forward - and they are about to do so again at the last weekend in March of 2020.

Bitcoin Saigon is happy to support these efforts and will provide more content with some of the major driving forces behind this event on our channels in the coming weeks.

Also if you are looking to attend the event - you can pre-order your tickets here and receive 20% off with the discount code “BitcoinSaigon”.

Let’s get the 2020’s rolling for an ever more exciting period for Bitcoin and its communities ahead!

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