Cancellation notice - "Beyond Lightning Da Nang" - March 2024

tomo tomo Follow Nov 16, 2023 · 2 mins read
Cancellation notice -
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With some heavy heart we have to give notice to the Bitcoin community in Vietnam, South East Asia and further abroad that the planned “Beyond Lightning Da Nang 2024” conference WILL NOT TAKE PLACE.

While this year’s Lightningcon in Da Nang was a universal success of bringing the South-East Asian Bitcoin community together after a long three years break, the organizational and financial load it takes to organize an event of similar quality has after some longer discussion been deemed as too high for our community and our lead sponsor Neutronpay to bear.

While we all loved the experience in Da Nang:

Without any one person willing “to give up their life” for ~3 to 6 months to take the lead in organizing an event of such scale - it is simply impossible to make it happen.

…and not to forget, that a pure Bitcoin conference which rejects any type of extractive shitcoinery leeches is more often than not an undertaking which will result in financial losses for the organizers.

Good things don’t come easy - and they certainly don’t come free.

As saddened as we are by being realistic about what we can achieve/support as a community in 2024, this decision will also free up our resources to put more weight behind the upcoming Bitcoin conferences in South East Asia in 2024.

Thailand as well as Bali have already announced the strong will to be in for another round in 2024 - and we are looking forward to giving them the strongest support possible as a community.

And with that said, this is also a call to all of you friends of the orange coin:

Putting together these events which build “the social layer” of Bitcoin is often a huge sacrifice made by the organizers.

They deserve your support - be it as a sponsor, volunteer, donor, buying a ticket or simply spreading the word about the event:

All of this will help ensure that we will be able to continue to enjoy these gatherings of our community on a larger scale - bringing us together in person and building out the community beyond our own cities.

We’re all Bitcoin - and every contribution matters.

So long - see you at the meetups (you know where to find us)!

…and maybe we’re back for more in Vietnam by 2025?

If you would like to support the work of the Bitcoin Saigon Community - you can donate some of your Sats to us via our Donation page!!

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