Call for Crowdfunding - Tết lì xì Campaign 2024

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Call for Crowdfunding - Tết lì xì Campaign 2024
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The fundraising goal has been achieved by 29.01.24 - we thank everyone for their contributions to make this campaign in Saigon work successfully for a third year in a row!

In 2022 and 2023 the Saigonese Bitcoin Community organized - following the lead example set by the Bitcoiner Crew from Hong Kong - a classic Lì xì (“lucky money”) campaign.

After 500 red envelopes à 1,000 Sats each in the first year, we doubled the campaign size last year to 1,000 red envelopes.

Be it through your local Bitcoiner friend, the Bitcoin spots in town or at last year’s big gathering in Da Nang - the red envelopes found their way and appreciation; driving curiosity and Lightning adoption from the ground up.

And we are going to do it all over again - this time in the celebration of the approaching Year of the Dragon.

To fund the upcoming 2024 campaign, we are looking to crowdfund 1,000,000 Satoshis - which can be donated either via our Donation page and/or via our Geyser campaign page.

Li Xi

What is a “Lì xì”?

Now, if you are not from the wider Sinosphere, you might not be very familiar with this custom.

_“Lì xì” _- commonly translated as “Lucky Money” - is a small mostly symbolic amount of money traditionally placed and handed over enclosed in a red envelope to your close ones around the annual Lunar New Year holidays.

The Lunar New Year celebrations (called Tết in Vietnam) are the biggest annual event here in the wider East Asian region; basically what would happen if you combine Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years eve celebrations all into one big celebratory happenstance.

Li Xi

It is also the only time in the year you can find those busy Asians not working non-stop :)

The Vietnamese diaspora returns home and people in the city travel back to their hometowns in the countryside while most businesses close for at least one or two weeks around the event.

While the amount in the red envelopes is usually more of symbolic nature, especially young kids are rather joyous upon collecting and counting all their Lì xì exploits.

Li Xi

The 2024 Lì xì campaign

We have luckily already found sponsors to cover the cost of printing the envelopes, inlets, QR codes and all the other logistics that come with the campaign.

However, for this year we are still short of funding the Sats for the actual Lì xì giveaway.

Each Lì xì - as in previous years - will contain 1,000 Satoshis, withdrawable via all common Lightning wallets.

At 1,000 envelopes, the total funding amount we aim for is accordingly 1,000,000 Satoshi.

We will - as usual - distribute the red envelopes via the Bitcoin merchants in town, your friendly Bitcoiner from the local meetup and other individuals and organizations around our community.

Should any overfunding occur, the Sats will be allocated to the community treasury - helping us to keep among other minor administrative costs this website alive.

We will update on the progress of the campaign via our Socials, first and foremost Twitter and Nostr.

Thank you for your consideration and we are looking forward to a bright Year of the Dragon with all our orange friends!

If you would like to support the work of the Bitcoin Saigon Community - you can donate some of your Sats to us via our Donation page!!

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