Bitcoin Saigon - Now also on Geyser

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Bitcoin Saigon - Now also on Geyser
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The Bitcoin Saigon community has since its early days in the early days in 2014 served as a self-funded non-profit community - from the members, for the members.

While all the work around the community is conducted by members of the community on a non-paid volunteer basis, there are still some minor annual costs associated with running the community.

The hosting of this website is a part of the infrastructure costs financed out of the community treasury.

Beyond that, the community also regularly engages in various activities and campaigns to strengthen and support the local community, be it our big fundraiser during the lockdowns to feed the most vulnerable in our home city as well as the annual Tet Li Xi campaign which engages many newcomers around our circles to gain exposure to the Lightning experience for the first time.

To put our finances for these campaigns on a more solid footing Bitcoin Saigon has opened up its own page on Geyser.

Geyser is a bitcoin-native crowdfunding platform where you can fund project ideas with the support from global communities and has established itself in recent years as a primary way to get various community-driven initiatives off the ground.

Among others, you can also find the Bitcoin community of our partner city Frankfurt on Geyser.

Frankfurt Bitcoin Meetup

The Bitcoin ecosystem is quite special in the way it funds itself.

There are no “foundations” with large quantities of pre-mined tokens to top-down allocate resources to fund initiatives and activities.

Each single Satoshi which goes towards the support of the projects and communities had to be acquired via hard work first, often resulting in very constrained budgets for most of the projects and communities.

Geyser is aiming to bridge that gap and provide funding abilities to communities and projects to get and keep more projects going by providing them with more exposure to the friends of the orange coin.

Currently, the Bitcoin Saigon community is running a crowdfunding campaign for our annual Tet Li Xi giveaway via Geyser (you also can contribute directly via Getalby or our donation page!).

Bitcoin Saigon Getalby Funding

Follow Bitcoin Saigon on Geyser to stay up to date with any future initiatives coming out of this community.

If you would like to support the work of the Bitcoin Saigon Community - you can donate some of your Sats to us via our Donation page!!

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