Industrial Bitcoin Mining Show Notes

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Industrial Bitcoin Mining Show Notes
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“Industrial Bitcoin Mining” - Online Meetup (29.05.20) - Show notes

The second Bitcoin Saigon Online Meetup took place on 29.05.20 and can be watched in full here.

The conversation with our expert guest speakers Steve Barbour of Upstreamdata (Canada) and Thomas Heller of F2Pool on various possible threat scenarios to the Bitcoin Network by encroaching regulation on large scale Bitcoin miners; the impact of the Block subsidy “halving” as well as the global economic slump in fossil fuel prices; Bitcoin’s role and relation to “renewable energy sources” and future industry trends in regard to Bitcoin mining and where the mining landscape is heading towards to.

Mining Hardware:

Some of the mentioned / recommended mining hardware manufacturers in the show can be found here:

CryptoEcon2020 (29.02./01.03.2020) in Hanoi:


Some of the participants of this episode of the Bitcoin Saigon online meetup series:

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