Warm-up with Simon of Mempool.Space

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Warm-up with Simon of Mempool.Space
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Ahead of our upcoming Twitter Spaces we had the chance to arrange a small warm-up session with Simon in which he highlighted some of the experiences and influences along his journey down the rabbit hole.

Where possible, we would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the concepts and ideasets of the people Simon mentioned - which will help you to follow along the conversation and maybe even provide generally helpful insights for your own life.

1) What is a belief that you hold about Bitcoin that is not widely shared within the community?

That most things we do using Bitcoin on-chain today is a waste, contributing to making the blockchain slower to synchronize.

2) Which idea/discovery in Bitcoin over the past year changed your thinking/”blew your mind” the most?

None the past year - but the last one was when I was using a Lightning wallet to scan a QR-code to “log in” to an app, scan to deposit money and scan to withdraw the funds again, all instant without any personal information required and I understood the possibilities for global instant user friendly payments using Lightning.

3) Which person is your most underappreciated thinker in the Bitcoin space and what attracts you to his ideas/views?

John Carvalho. Because unlike many Bitcoin and crypto philosophers he knows what he is talking about due to actually working with building on Bitcoin. He is aware of the possibilities and limitations. Just signal and no bullshit. He regularly calls out projects both inside and outside of the Bitcoin space.

4) Who is the person (dead or alive) outside the inner Bitcoin community you would hope Bitcoiners will make themselves more familiar with his works and thought body?

Stefan Molyneux and his education about philosophy, morality and voluntarism.

The Twitter spaces with Simon will take place on 19.02.2022 - you can follow along on Twitter here.

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