LNTXBOT - a Lightning Wallet for every Telegram User

tomo tomo Follow Nov 10, 2020 · 1 min read
LNTXBOT - a Lightning Wallet for every Telegram User
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Update 18.01.23: LNTXBot is announced to sunset by its creator Fiatjaf. All LNTXBot users are encouraged to withdraw their remaining Sats from LNTXBot. Fiatjaf’s main focus has shifted - among other things - towards advancing the social networking protocol Nostr.

While the Bitcoin & Lightning ecosystem is seeing fast progress in the development in more user-friendly Lightning Wallet options, one of the most simple ways to receive your first Sats is via the LNTXBOT by fiatjaf, a Lightning Wallet which allows every Telegram user to send & receive Sats without further ado.

Besides sending & receiving Sats via your LNTXBOT wallet, you can also offer a variety of other services like crowdfunding, fundraising, an ad market place and plenty of other integrated options to make use of your Sats. To set up a LNTXBOT wallet on your Telegram account simply message: @LNTXBOT and a wallet is set up. To understand your wallet functions type /help …. to check your balance type: /balance

With the addition of Telegram to our regular communication channels, you can now also directly donate Sats to support the community work via LNTXBOT.

To do so enter simply the command to e.g. donate 1,000 Sats:

/send 1000 @Bitcoin_Saigon

into your Telegram chat with @lntxbot.

As a warning: Funds on LNTXBot are fully custodial and you trust a third party with your funds.

While a great way to get started & make your first steps with Lightning - do not put more funds on it than you can afford to lose.

For security your Telegram account should be set up with 2 factor security (2FA) so a loss of your phone does not mean a loss of your sats.

The target use case is for micro- & and other small payments only, not for transferring large amounts of value!

The Bitcoin Saigon Public Telegram Announcement channel

If you would like to support the work of the Bitcoin Saigon Community - you can donate some of your Sats to us via our Donation page!

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