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Bitcoin Lì Xì - 2023 Year of the Cat campaign

Bitcoin Lì Xì

In Jan 03, 2023

Bitcoin Saigon - now also on Nostr

Your favorites bunch of whacky Bitcoiners in Saigon - now also available on Nostr.

In Dec 21, 2022

Lightningcon Vietnam 2023 - (Da Nang, March 23-24, 2023)

In the past month you might have noticed an announcement made by a Twitter account called “Bitcoin Beach Vietnam” - rallying the orange troops to make the journey to Vietnam.

In Nov 07, 2022

Farewell, David Watson!

A true era for the Bitcoin Community in Saigon has come to an end.

In Jun 13, 2022

Bitcoin Saigon Lightning Community on Amboss

In our continuous strive to increase understanding of Bitcoin in a multidisciplinary manner and assist in building out the Bitcoin Network infrastructure in our part of the world, th...

In May 09, 2022

Warm-up with Simon of Mempool.Space

Ahead of our upcoming Twitter Spaces we had the chance to arrange a small warm-up session with Simon in which he highlighted some of the experiences and influences along his journey d...

In Feb 15, 2022

Bitcoin Saigon - Twitter Spaces with Simon of Mempool

After the success of our initial Community Twitter spaces in the past month, the crew behind decided to proceed to set up another one.

In Feb 09, 2022

Bitcoin Saigon - Twitter Spaces hangout

It certainly has been a while since there’s been an opportunity to catch up with the Saigonese Bitcoin community online.

In Jan 24, 2022

Bitcoin Saigon: After the lockdown - Interview with Robin of Baba's Kitchen

Vietnam experienced in 2021 one of its most socio-economically challenging years since the implementation of the Đổi Mới reforms in the mid-80’s.

In Oct 15, 2021