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Bitcoin Saigon - Twitter Spaces hangout

It certainly has been a while since there’s been an opportunity to catch up with the Saigonese Bitcoin community online.

In Jan 24, 2022

Bitcoin Saigon: After the lockdown - Interview with Robin of Baba's Kitchen

Vietnam experienced in 2021 one of its most socio-economically challenging years since the implementation of the Đổi Mới reforms in the mid-80’s.

In Oct 15, 2021

Bitcoin Saigon - Twitter Spaces - 17.10.2021

While physical meetups had to be abandoned for the longest time in 2021 (with a resumption looming closely on the horizon), if you are looking for a casual chat with the Bitcoiner cre...

In Oct 10, 2021

Bitcoin Saigon video recordings - now on Odysee

Dear Bitcoin Saigon community,

In Oct 06, 2021

Location Revue - Big Pig BBQ

2021 - another year, another round of Corona-related shutdowns and “stay home” orders.

In Community, Sep 01, 2021

Lockdown in Saigon - Baba’s Kitchen delivering 400 meals per day for the poor (and how you can support them!)

As Vietnam currently gets ravaged by another round of lockdowns which have especially detrimental effects on the city’s inhabitants in more precarious living & working circumstanc...

In Community, Aug 14, 2021

Interview Simon (

If you have attended any of the recent Bitcoin meetups in Saigon, you most likely had also the chance to meet and converse with Simon, who has dedicated his time now since a few years...

In Community, Apr 22, 2021

Reduction of Facebook Online Presence

Dear Bitcoin Saigon community,

In Community, Apr 11, 2021

Location revue - Tippy’s

While the Corona-related shutdowns and “stay home” orders might be causing inconveniences to some of us given the inability to follow our regular lifestyle choices to the same degree;...

In Community, Mar 13, 2021